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In addition to APPLICATION•CONSULTING with associated TECHNOLOGY•SCOUTING , our service includes SYSTEM•SPECIFICATION, performing TEST•MEASUREMENTS on sample parts provided by you, as well as the overall PROJECT•MANAGEMENT.

For the optimal solution of your task, we combine a wide variety of measurement methods and technologies into an individual overall system as required. Integration and implementation take place in close cooperation with experienced partners who specialize in the respective application.

It is always our goal to find a practicable and, above all, cost-effective solution. Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you!


The GELSiGHT MOBiLE ™ is a portable, digital 3D surface measuring device, which is ideal for the representation and quantification of structures and defects, such as scratches or dents, on surfaces. Roughness values can also be determined. The resolution in the single-digit micrometer range with a field of view of 16.9mm x 14.1mm is phenomenal.

The tactile-optical measuring principle is suitable for every type of surface (glossy / matt / transparent). With this technology, a special, silicone-free elastomer is pressed onto the surface. This "hugs the surface". Using special image processing algorithms, a 3D image of this print is then created. The principle is somehow comparable to "how blind people see" by using their fingertips (GelSight elastomer), and then "creating an image" of the surface (GelSight image processing).

Typical fields of application are in incoming goods and final inspection in the manufacturing industry, in the aerospace industry, in the automotive industry (interior, painting), in the textile sector (woven structures), in medical technology products, or in forensics (tool marks).





The requirements for a comprehensive quality control are steadily increasing, which normally requires a large number of measuring devices - with their software solutions, which are often quite complicated to use - to determine dimensional sizes and surface parameters, or if, for example, form or position control is "inline" should be carried out.

The Modular Multi•Sensor Measuring System MS1 from MICRONISE solves this dilemma by adapting different optical measuring heads to a docking station. This means that the modules of the MS1 can be used for example on a tripod in the measuring room, on a robot, or inline, i.e. in the production line. Depending on the measuring task, the required module can be exchanged with just a little effort of installation.


TULIP is a digital tool for increasing productivity in manufacturing. With TULIP, production staff can create their own APPs without programming knowledge, for example interactive assembly instructions, digital test protocols or process documentation.

The TULIP platform enables the connection of a large number of tools, measuring devices and vision systems. For example, assembly processes can be easily monitored and quality-relevant tests can be digitized directly.